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Symptoms & Causes 

The signs and symptoms of neurological disorders differ depending on the condition, the part of the body it is affecting and its severity. Some common symptoms include: 

  • Loss of strength or weakness 
  • Migraine 
  • Muscle stiffness  
  • Muscle wastage 
  • Numbness or tingling sensations  
  • Pain in the back which radiates to other parts of the body including the feet and toes  
  • Problems with coordination or balance  
  • Problems with memory, thinking or concentration  
  • Seizures or tremors  
  • Severe, sudden or recurring headache or a headache which is different  
  • Slurred speech or any new problems talking (expression or comprehension) 
  • Vision problems, double vision or loss of vision. 

Sometimes, the symptoms of neurological disorders can be like those of other medical conditions. An accurate diagnosis is important to ensure the correct treatment can be provided as soon as possible. Always see a neurologist to discuss your symptoms.  

Causes of neurology disorders 

The specific cause of neurological disorders can vary, but may include: 

  • Injury or trauma: An injury to the brain, spinal cord or nerves within the nervous system can cause the onset of a neurological condition.  
  • Genetic disorders: Some nervous system disorders are inherited from our parents.  
  • Congenital abnormalities or disorders: Some neurological disorders are present at birth and are caused by abnormalities in the genes of chromosomes, metabolic disorders or congenital malformation.  
  • Infections: A bacterial or viral infection of the nervous system can cause disorders such as meningitis or encephalitis.  
  • Environmental factors: Our lifestyle, environmental health problems and diet can contribute to the onset of some neurological conditions.  

Don’t ignore your nervous system  

Understanding the signs of problems with the nervous system means an early diagnosis, early intervention, and less impact on your quality of life. If anything concerns you, book an appointment with our neurologists in Dubai.  

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