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Family Medicine


Family medicine is a branch of medicine which focuses on all-round care for patients of any age. It is one of the most important fields of medicine, taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to health. Family medicine focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of physical and psychological aspects of your wellbeing.

A family medicine doctor is a general practitioner who is trained to treat many acute and chronic medical conditions. They manage the overall health of patients, from birth to older age, supporting their physical, mental and social wellbeing. Family medicine specialists will coordinate all aspects of their patients’ care, referring them to specialist physicians or services when needed. 

Excellence in family medicine   

At Mubadala Health Dubai, we understand the importance of family medicine at every stage of life. We offer care that is centered around the patient and aim to be your first point of contact for any health concern.

By taking a holistic approach to healthcare, our team considers each patient as a whole, looking at every aspect of their wellbeing.

Prevention is a key part of this approach, and our family medicine doctors work with each patient to advise them on what they can do to improve their overall health. From promoting healthy habits to developing personalized plans, we offer bespoke recommendations that consider each patient as an individual.

Our Family Medicine clinic in Dubai

Our Family Medicine clinic is consultant-led, and our doctors have vast experience within their field. They are highly trained and have access to the latest diagnostic tests and procedures to ensure accurate, prompt and effective treatment. Our experienced team consists of:

  • Consultant physicians
  • Specialist physicians
  • Clinical specialist nurse
  • Registered nurses
  • Patient educators
  • Dieticians

Working closely with specialists within Mubadala Health Dubai, and across our wider network of healthcare facilities, the team can refer patients to the right expert when needed, ensuring the most appropriate treatment is always provided, without delay.

Talk to our family care medical center today

The health and wellness of you and your entire family, is our priority. Our team of primary care physicians are here to support you, at every stage of life. Contact our Family Medicine clinic in Dubai today to learn more.  

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