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Prepare for your pilgrimage with peace of mind by ensuring you meet all necessary vaccine requirements. Mubadala Health Dubai's Immunization Travel Clinic specializes in providing the essential vaccinations and consultations required by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Embassy for Hajj and Umrah travellers.

The price of our Hajj and Umrah Vaccination Package is 380 AED.

Vaccine Requirements from the Embassy of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Meningococcal Vaccination:

  • Requirement: Visitors from all countries must present a certificate of vaccination with the quadrivalent (ACYW135) vaccine against meningitis.
  • Timing: Issued no more than 3 years and no less than 10 days before arrival in Saudi Arabia.
  • Dosage: Adults and children over 2 years old require 1 dose of the quadrivalent polysaccharide (ACYW135) vaccine.

Influenza Vaccination:

  • Recommendation: The Saudi Ministry of Health advises all international pilgrims to be vaccinated against seasonal influenza.
  • Target Groups: Pregnant women, children under 5 years, the elderly, and individuals with underlying health conditions are particularly encouraged.
  • Timing: Vaccination before arrival into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is recommended.

For detailed information, please refer to the KSA Embassy's official website.

Don't leave your health to chance. Schedule your appointment at Mubadala Health Dubai's Travel Health Clinic at least ten days prior to your travel date to meet KSA Embassy requirements.