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Dietetics is the science of nutrition and how it affects our health and wellbeing. Proper nutrition is a major contributing factor in the prevention or control of many health concerns and scientific studies have shown that changes in our diet can improve many aspects of our wellbeing, including our physical and mental health and cognitive functions. 

A clinical dietitian is a healthcare professional who guides individuals as they comprehend the intricate relationship between their dietary decisions and overall wellbeing. Their role involves assessing, diagnosing and treating a spectrum of nutritional concerns, all while advocating for optimal health and disease prevention.  

Dietetics and clinical nutrition excellence  

At our Dietetics clinic in Dubai, we work with people of all ages to help them to understand the fundamental importance of nutrition in their overall health. Our diet is something we can control, and with the help of our nutrition specialist, who has an advanced understanding of nutrition and its impact on our wellbeing, we help people to live their healthiest lives. 

Our expert dietitian is extensively trained and experienced in assisting individuals to achieve their nutritional objectives, offering a variety of services such as nutrition assessments, personalized interventions, therapeutic diets, and weight management support.  

Our Dietetics clinic is centered around two main areas of nutrition: 

  • Preventive: Adopting dietary choices and strategies that may reduce the risk of certain health conditions from developing. 
  • Therapeutic: Dietary interventions that help to manage or treat medical conditions.  

When to see a nutrition specialist 

Our Dietetics clinic in Dubai caters to individuals seeking to enhance their health and wellness, refine their dietary habits or require nutritional guidance to manage their health conditions.  

We recommend consulting with a dietitian if you: 

  • Aim to achieve weight loss/gain goals
  • Are experiencing an eating disorder 
  • Are managing a medical condition that requires dietary and lifestyle adjustments (e.g., heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammatory bowel disease)
  • Are struggling with persistent digestive issues
  • Have a child with specific nutritional requirements or an eating disorder 
  • Have diabetes 
  • Have food intolerances or allergies
  • Require specialized nutritional plans due to particular needs

Or simply for advice, implementation or follow up on a healthy lifestyle! 

With vast experience in helping a range of people with diverse nutritional needs, our professional dietitian at Mubadala Health Dubai remains updated on the latest scientific research, ensuring you receive the best care as you embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you through the wonders of dietetics. 

Contact our Dietetics clinic in Dubai today to learn more about our personalized treatment and care.  

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