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Our Anesthesia Care Team, including physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals, will collaborate to ensure the safety and success of your surgery and recovery. 

Before surgery 

Our staff offers pre-operative consultations to discuss anesthetic care. You will be questioned about your medical history, health habits, and lifestyle in order for our anesthesiologists to collaborate with other members of the Anesthesia Care Team to build a safe and effective anesthesia plan for you. 

During surgery 

While your surgeon performs your surgery, you will be cared for by the Anesthesia Care Team. During surgery, you will be closely monitored to ensure that your breathing, heart rate, and other systems are normal and stable. While a nurse anesthesiologist assistant may be involved, a physician anesthesiologist supervises the monitoring and is always available in the event that issues arise while you are under anesthesia. 


The anesthesiologist will reverse the anesthetic and awaken the patient. You may have side effects from the anesthetic, such as nausea, chills, or vomiting. The Anesthesia Care Team will evaluate your condition and administer drugs to make you feel better. The Anesthesia Care Team will establish a pain management strategy to help you feel comfortable during your recovery and after you return home. 

Types of Anesthesia include:  

  • General  
  • Local  
  • Nerve Block/Plexus Block  
  • Neuraxial (Epidural/Spinal/Combined Spinal-Epidural)  
  • Sedation  

Post-surgical pain treatment:  

  • Continuous local anesthesia infiltration via catheter directly into the surgical site, perineural or in the epidural site  
  • Patient-controlled analgesia, in which the patient gives himself the analgesics whenever demanded just by pressing a button  

Preparing for Surgery and Anesthesia: 

Click here to learn more same content as: https://healthpoint.ae/services/anesthesiology/anesthesia-information/ 

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