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Our Rheumatology department treats a wide variety of conditions affecting the joints, bones, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Our staff collaborates closely with the department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine to assist patients treat and manage their symptoms utilizing the most advanced technologies. 


If you have joint pain that is accompanied by additional symptoms, such as swelling and fatigue, your doctor may have suggested that you consult a rheumatologist. 


Some of the causes are 


Conditions we treat include: 

Auto-immune diseases 

Bones and cartilage 

Circulatory system 

Crystals deposition disease 

Nervous system 

Non-articular (Soft Tissue Rheumatism) and Regional Musculoskeletal: 


Treatment approaches can differ based on the patient's symptoms and type of diagnosis. Our rheumatologists utilize a number of therapies, both medical and non-medical, to address your rheumatic concerns, such as: 

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