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Internal Medicine

Our Internal Medicine team works to oversee your general health and address a wide spectrum of medical conditions for any patient over the age of 16. Our physicians provide primary and consultative medical care and help you understand how to improve your own wellness through disease prevention and the promotion of good physical and mental health.


Our Internal Medicine physicians treat both acute and chronic conditions. They would also work with you if you were suffering from multiple diseases simultaneously. The majority of eye, ear, skin, nervous system, and reproductive organ conditions are treated by specialists as outpatients. 

Additionally, the team effectively addresses a variety of illnesses, including: 


Depending on your symptoms, the procedures utilized to diagnose diseases will be different. During the initial evaluation, the doctor does a physical examination and collects a comprehensive medical and family history. Before making a diagnosis and working with you to establish a treatment plan, the physician may need to conduct more testing. 

Due to the fact that the Internal Medicine team addresses ailments that may span different medical specialties, internal medicine physicians cooperate with physicians from other Medical Subspecialties at our facility in Dubai. 

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