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Doctors & Medical Staff

Dr Cassie Purvey Min

Cassie Purvey

Director of Clinical Operations
Mubadala Health Command Centre, Home Healthcare, Tissue Viability and Stoma Care, Wound and Stoma Care Specialist
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Cassie Purvey is the Director of Clinical Operations - Mubadala Health Command Centre, Home Healthcare, Tissue Viability and Stoma Care. In this role, Cassie Purvey is responsible for overseeing the operational and clinical integration of advanced remote patient monitoring technology to connect our patients to our world class healthcare programs and clinicians and ensure the highest quality health and medical care is provided to our patients in all Mubadala Health facilities and in the community.

Cassie brings extensive knowledge and skills in all aspects of Advanced Practice Nursing, having spent over 20 years in Wound and Stoma Care and Intensive Care Nursing. She began her career as a Burns Specialist nurse in Adelaide as part of the Royal Adelaide Hospital Burns Assessment Team before moving on to multiple leadership roles in Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

In her prior role as Director of Clinical Operations – Clinical Specialties Amana Healthcare, Cassie led the centralization of the wound and stoma care services across Mubadala Healthcare. The team’s work was recognized by receiving the UAE Local Clinical Wound Centre of Excellence award from the World Union of Wound Healing Society. Cassie also has received many accolades during her career including the Champion Nurse Award Dubai 2020 and Bronze for Excellence in Wound Care in the UAE by the Journal of Wound Care. 

Cassie previously worked as a commissioning team member at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and Kings College Hospital Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She has also worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide, and Gold Coast Hospital in Queensland.

She holds a Master of Nursing Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (Burns Nursing) from Adelaide University, Post Graduate Certification in Advanced Stoma Nursing from the University of East Anglia, and a Bachelor of Nursing from the University of South Australia. She has also received formal credentialing as an Advanced Wound Professional from Wounds Australia.

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